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Got Talent? Workshop May 1st 2010

March 27, 2010

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Our first workshop of 2010 kicks off in May with a special event for Victoria University Students.
The question “Got Talent?” seems an apt title for our upcoming workshop and serves as a source of motivation for us – so many people studying at our New Zealand’s top universities, like Wellington’s Vic Uni, don’t know how to answer that question with much more than a “I’m not sure”.

The Got Talent? Workshop is an introduction to the pursuit of discovering your innate talent and how you can to begin to turn these talents into strengths. Without the jargon, our workshop will help you to understand how you can make the most of how you naturally think, feel and behave as you engage in study, work and your life beyond.

One of our objectives for this workshop is to not only help people answer YES! to the Got Talent question, but to go a step further by giving workshop participants the insight to actually name the area of talent. To achieve this we use the Clifton Strengthsfinder tool to fuel the discussion. Every workshop participant gets access to the Strengthsfinder assessment as well as a supporting workbook.

Normally our workshops cost $99 per person, but as former uni students we understand that every dollar saved counts. So we are offering a special student price of $50 per person. It gets better! The first 10 registrations get a further 50% off with an early bird rate of $25. You will need to get in quick to get this deal though so don’t wait – registration closes Monday 26th April.*

If you’re interested in registering for our Got Talent? Workshop visit our Events page for further information. The workshop is open to all Victoria University students.

*We are able to offer a discounted rate through sponsorship from Mosaic, an entrepreneurial Christian Community that values creativity and helping others find greater wellbeing – you can visit their website here. Awaken New Zealand began as an initiative out of Mosaic with the goal to help people discover their talents and to inspire New Zealanders to live up to their potential for the benefit of others.



September 23, 2009

vacant seats

No! Anything but vacant .

We have been plugging away at Awaken slowly but surely. We have been refining the Awaken Experience to create a workshop orientated approach which we believe offers attendees a better introduction to our material. Unfortunately, this means we haven’t updated our website in a while. Sorry 😦

At the moment out avaliability limits us to on-demand sessions only. We will look to do some more open groups sessions some time in the future.

If you are interested in talking with us about how an Awaken workshop might help you or your team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at We would love to hear from you and see how we can help.

The Awaken Team

Emotional Wellbeing with David Riddell

February 11, 2009

Awaken New Zealand and Mosaic have partnered to bring you a ‘hands on’ one day seminar on Emotional Wellbeing with David Riddell on 7 March 2009. David is a much sort after counsellor, a published author, and an expert in emotional wellbeing. 

Come and join us for a check up, from the neck up.

Click here for details.

Our New Website

February 9, 2009

Welcome to our new website. Our hope is the website improvements make it easier to find what you find what you’re looking for. we look forward to you joining us in our next Awaken Experience.

Oh, please note our website address has changed. Our new address is

Why do the Awaken Experience?

July 16, 2008

The experience we have created is not designed to be an exercise that taps into the self-help market. Rather it is our sincere attempt at helping others become awake to the possibilities of what life could have in store for them if they started to live out of their God-given strengths and talents.

By experiencing what we have to offer through Awaken NZ, participants will:

  • Discover their talents and how the combination of Knowledge, Skill and Talent develops potent Strengths;
  • Grow their Relational and Emotional Intelligence helping them to become a better team member, spouse, or friend;
  • Gain greater awareness of how we perceive ourselves and the world around us; and,
  • Learn how developing character attributes will help them not only have better relationships but will also help them become the person they were meant to be.

What we cover in the Awaken Experience

July 16, 2008
The Awaken Experience is an inductive programme that helps each participant initiate a new approach to making the most of their natural talents and temperament.    

Rather than relying on one assessment, we use several leading tools to create a holistic approach to developing greater understanding of ourselves and others. Our application of these tools also gives participants practical skills to be able to apply our insights to their real-life contexts, whether it be work or play.

Through the Awaken Experience, participants can expect to discover their great areas of talent and how to transform those talents into strengths; insight into their personality type and how to embrace their own and that of others; and finally, insight into how developing their character can enable them to be the person they were meant to be.

Some of the tools we use (see out Quick Links list for more info):

Myers Brigg’s Type Indicator
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) serves as an excellent introduction into the concept of personalities. It provides Awaken participants with language in which to frame discussions on how they perceive personalities and how they would describe their own personality. 

Character Matrix
Character fuels a life of conviction, passion, and focus. The Character Matrix will engage your value system and press against the core of what it means to be human. Stepping into this matrix will challenge who you are and how you understand influence. 

Johari Window
The Johari Window is a tool used to map our own personality visibility. The Window will be used in the Awaken experience as a tool to assist participants to understand their perceived personality (introspective) and the perceptions of the participants peers.